The journey begins. 

So today I received my two thermometers in the mail so I can start temping. I have to wait at least 3 months before we even attempt to start trying due to taking my methotrexate for my PsA so I figured I can at least start temping to see if I am ovulating on my own and if I’m not at least I will have the three months of documentation to give my doctor to see what direction we will have go again. Praying I won’t have to do all of the crazy testing I had to do when we were trying to concive Owen. Not only were some pretty uncomfortable but they weren’t cheap. Im praying we can just try the metformin/clomid round again. At least I’ll know what to do.

I have appointments next week with my OB as well as my regular doctor to get them both on the same page. My rheumatologist is so booked that I am unable to see her until my scheduled 6month appointment that is in November! The nurse did tell me to keep calling back to see if there is any cancellations. I told her that I am wanting to get off my mtx due to wanting to expand our family and she did tell me since I am on Humira that I shouldn’t have any issues. She also said that she will talk my my Rheumatologist and if I had any issues or if she wanted to fit me in she will let me know. Which made me feel better.

I think I said yesterday that I took my last BC pill so hopefully my cycle starts soon so I can start tracking. My husband and I promised ourselves that we won’t get stressed out over this. We were blessed with such an amazing little boy already and if we were meant to have another baby it will happen.  We also decided that we won’t be telling anyone about anything. Just simply because we don’t want any opinions. The only person that knows is my sister and she will be the only one who will be up to date. She is our support.

Well that’s all for today.

Until next time 😘😘


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