Today I’m thankful. 

See this pen? This pen has changed my life. I never thought it a million years that at the age of 27 I wouldn’t be able to walk without excruciating pain, play with my child or not be comfortable in my own skin and not want to go out and enjoy my life. I went to doctor after doctor had my knees drained dozens of times, can’t even tell you how many times I went to chiropractor for my hips and was put on steroid after steroid and so many pain pills. My scalp was covered in dry flaky patches of skin and my dandruff was so bad I was embarrassed to leave the house. I had similar patches in places you don’t want them. Patches that would crack and bleed. In my belly button, my ears, under my breast and in other intimate places. I was embarrassed to be naked in front of my husband. It was horrible. I was miserable. This isn’t how a 27 year old wife and new mother shouldn’t have to live. At the age of 28 I finally was able to talk to someone and was able to see a rheumatologist. She did test after test to cancel out lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and I was finally diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and my dermatologist determined severe plaque psoriasis. 1 year later and being on the right meds I am finally in remission, able to walk and play with my son, comfortable wearing dark clothes, getting my hair done and comfortable being intimate with my husband. My life has changed. I can’t believe how drastically it has changed. Today I am thankful for modern medication, and doctors who are willing to work with you to figure out what’s wrong. I am also thankful for my husband who was with me every step of the way. Who made me feel like I wasn’t crazy and reminded me everyday that I am beautiful and loved. It’s funny how crazy your body can get after you have a baby. I already suffered from a hormonal issue called PCOS and now I have this on my plate. I am now taking one step at a time to make sure I continue to stay in remission and make sure I conquere this disease the best way I can. 


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